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Azimuth Software India to open New International
Information Technology Center in pondy.
Source :Press Release
Dated :9 February,2000
Center to hire 100 Medical Transcriptionists. <<Back

Pondicherry, February 9, 2000 -- Azimuth Software India, has announced today that it will soon open its IT services and software development center in Pondicherry, India. The company is opening the largest IT Center in Pondicherry on the 10,000 sq. ft. premises that it has obtained in Pondy Technopolis.

We have ambitious plans here in Pondicherry says Terry Leger, CEO of Azimuth Software India Pvt. Ltd. The center will grow fast and should have over 200 people by next year.

Azimuth will start operations in May 2000 with Medical Transcriptions processing.Medical Transcription is a very attractive business right now, and it is a wonderful career opportunity that will be offered to people in Pondicherry. says Mr. Leger.

All it takes is a perfect knowledge of English, and the company will train the new recruits to the sophisticated Medical Transcriptionist (MT) job.

Medical transcription is the transcription of medical audio files that are electronically transmitted from the US to India. The reports are dictated by doctors after they have seen their patients; the audio records are sent to Azimuths partner company in the US, then electronically sent to India, transcribed, and sent back as electronic text files to the US.

The work of a MT is the door to the hot IT industry. After the five-month training offered by the company, the new operator will be working in a sophisticated, clean, air-conditioned environment. The pay package is very attractive and certainly way above average. It is an excellent job and it is intellectually challenging, as the transcriptionist has to keep up with all the latest drugs and habits in the medical world. Medical Doctors can be at ease with this kind of work, provided they learn a few additional things like the US lingo and the US drug names. For the others, the training will teach them all this and the language of medicine. If one has the right qualifications, we hire him or her right away, and offer free training! says T. Leger.

In the US, there are 300,000 medical transcriptionists; in India only a few thousands are in actual production. So there is room for strong growth and tremendous opportunities for good candidates. Quality will be the main issue. The work has to be delivered on time and free of error. We will be looking for quality-oriented people, for whom quality matters a lot. We are offering the best working conditions to the best people he adds.

This industry is growing fast and will probably see a shakeout very quickly and all operations that are not able to supply international class reliability and quality will be out of business. Our quality requirements apply to every aspect of our work - location selection, work stations, power availability, quality of computers, and of course, selection of people and training. People sometimes do not understand why we focus so much on the details and are so demanding. But this is what will guarantee quality, and we expect the same attention to details from all of our associates says Leger.

Azimuth held a seminar with several sessions about MT on 20th February at the Anandha Inn and presented the opportunity to an impressive crowd of candidates in Pondicherry.

The number of people in IT-enabled services will grow to 10,00,000 workers in India by the year 2008 according to Dewang Mehta, President of NASSCOM, the National Association of Software and Services Companies. This is certainly the industry you want to be in, as it is obviously easier to build a career in a booming industry than it is in a slow growing industry, says Mr. Leger.

The company is offering positions not only for Medical Transcriptionists but also has openings for computer networking engineer, web master etc.

The company has selected the site of Pondy Technopolis, where it will enjoy a very quiet environment and the new Technology Parks features, such as uninterrupted electricity supply and fast computer communication through newly available VSNL services. In addition to the existing numerous buses plying to PEC, the company will have private services to transport its associates.

The Company will in fact work internationally. It has a partnership with CBAY,a leading US based medical transcription company. With Azimuth, Cbay has over 27 medical processing centers in India, making it the largest operator in this field. Azimuth also has partnerships with European companies and will process in Pondicherry, work from Europe, especially from France. Azimuth is also currently looking for French speaking computer operators.

In addition to Medical Transcriptions, Azimuth will process other types of records such as loan applications and image-enabled databases, using advanced technology. Software development will start for the same by the end of the year. The company will enter all aspects of IT services.

After a successful career of 20 years in the US and Europe in the IT industry, T. Leger has come to India to develop an IT center.This is an exciting adventure. What is happening in the IT market in India is unique in the world. I hope a lot of people will join us to ride this big and exciting wave concludes T. Leger.

The company can be reached at Ph: 98 430 45 431. Candidates can send their Bio-Data to Azimuth, pondy-Technopolis, Pondicherry-14.



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