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Training for medical transcription
Publication :THE HINDU
Dated :12 February,2000

(Pondicherry, Feb. 11) A five month intensive training for the job of Medical Transcriptionists (MTs), will begin in the new Information Technology (Technopolis) park under the auspices of Azimuth Software India in April.

Addressing a press conference here recently the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Azimuth Software India Private Limited, Mr. Terry Leger said the company would open the Largest Information Technology Centre in the Technopolis situated in the capus of the Pondicherry Engineering College in Pillaichavady, some 12 km from the town.

The IT centre has been set up with an outlay of Rs.1.7 crores and some 120 Medical Transcriptionists will be ready in two batches of sixty candidates in one batch and the period of training for a batch is five months.

Referring to the ideal location of the campus with VSNL connectivity as most ideal and good, Mr. Terry Leger said the medical transcription is the transcription of medical audio files that are electronically transmitted from the United States to India. The reports are dictated by doctors after they have seen the patients and the audio records would be sent to Azimuths partner company in the U.S. which will electronically send to India what should be transcribed and sent back as electronic text files to the U.S.

Stating that the job of the MTs as excellent and also intellectually challenging, he said that the training would be free of cost. There is scope for growth and tremendous opportunities for good candidates in the country, Mr. Leger underscored that quality would be the main component.

In the U.S. there were now some three lakh MTs and in India only a few thousand sin actual production. The quality requirements applied to every aspect of work such as location, selection, work stations, power availability, quality of computers and of course selection of people and training he said.

A two-hour seminar has also been programmed to be held by the company on February 20 in the forenoon and in the afternoon to kindle awakening among the candidates here. Mr. Terry Leger said besides the MTs the company offers opportunities for computer networking engineer, human resource manager, Web Master etc.

The new Technology park in the campus of the Engineering College provides a very quiet environment,. The company will work internationally and has a partnership with CBAY, a leading U.S. based MT Company. Mr. N. Sambath, Chairman of the NTS group of companies and Mr. B.Rajkumar, General Manager were also present.

In the meanwhile it is learnt that the PIPDIC has drawn up plans to establish earth station in the next two months with an outlay of Rs.3 crores. The selection of candidates for the free training would insist perfect knowledge of English and the company will train the new recruits for the sophisticated MTs job.



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