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Publications :The Hindu
Dated : 08 June, 2008

Medical transcription is a process by which medical records & reports that were dictated by medical professionals are transcribed from audio to text format to be produced either as a hard copy or to be stored in a computer system.

The medical transcriptionist is a medical language specialist who transforms audio medical reports from the original dictated form to the written form. They are responsible for accuracy, correct format, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. They are trained to be thoroughly familiar with medical terminology & drugs so that they can distinguish between terms that sound alike but are spelt differently. They also need to recognize inconsistencies and mistakes in medical terms. There are two stages in MT. The first is the actual process of transcription by a medical transcriptionist. This is followed by proofreading and editing. The MT industry employs a number of proofreaders, senior and junior editors as well. The required basic skill set to become a medical transcription professional is good English comprehension, sound grammar, and good hearing acuity. It also requires extensive education, excellent grammar and punctuation ability as well as knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and processes. Promotions are very quick and remuneration purely based on the quality of work delivered by a medical language specialist. It is possible to earn Rs.20,000 within two years as well as have the option to work from home. As per the latest Market research report of NASSCOM, there are 18, 000 trained MTs in India whereas the Industry currently requires approximately 1.5 lakh trained professionals. This figure, analysts say, will witness a meteoric rise in the coming years, given factors such as increasing healthcare costs in the US, its ageing population, and increasing regulatory emphasis on digitization of medical records and documentation this market is bound to grow.

Good training is required to become a qualified medical language specialist. It is a matter of great pride for Pondicherrians that Azimuth, the pioneer in Medical Transcription in the region has become the first medical transcription company in India to develop state-of-the-art training through e-learning and also provide world class online training and work opportunities from home. Azimuth plans to recruit 100 well-trained Medical Transcriptionists within the next 6 months as part of its expansion program. Clearly understanding the potential and demand in this field, the Companys training arm, better known as The Azimuth Academy has planned for a large-scale training program this June and will be providing professional training for the right candidates. The company is looking for graduates from any discipline with good comprehension and grammar skills in English. The selected candidates will be given training for a period of four months and assured placement on successful completion of the training program. The objective of the training is to fulfill the manpower requirements for Azimuths production activities. State-of-the-art training, excellent infrastructure, world-class work environment, transport facility, library, subsidized canteen, options to learn and earn from home & flexible working hours altogether makes working with Azimuth the right career choice. The pay & incentives package of the company is the best in town and is on par with Industry standards. To know more this fascinating career do visit

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