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Publication :The Week
Dated :12 March, 2000

The times are changing. Little did Bob Dylan know at that time how much time would change by the turn of the millennium! Our lives have been touched, embraced and shaken up by the prefix e in just about everything these days-e-commerce, e-mails, e-friends, e-courses and even e-jobs. Welcome to the new e-ra!

But the new e-ra is also changing the way employers recruit and the kind of attributes they are looking for in prospective job seekers. For the job entrant, if a whole new world of opportunities is opening up, it is also necessitating changes in attitudes towards the work one does, how one does it and how one gets paid for it. As Shiny Samuel of CRV Consultants, a Bangalore based HR agency says: Organisations today are flatter, leaner and more aggressive. Also, today peers hire peers. So, communication ability is importantboth written and spoken. Equally important is your ability to work as a team, which today is self-managed and geographically dispersedyou need to possess people skills. Besides creativity and lateral thinking, flexibility.

Career paths too are no longer the straight line it was for the previous generation. Neither is growth in an organisation or career reasonably certain as it was once. You need to market your talents/skills and attitude, says Shiny. Prepare a very well thought-out resume that highlights your strengths and smartly downplays what you do not so well. Self awareness is necessary in promoting yourself in terms of employability. Networking will help you to a great extent. The emphasis should not be for a high starting pay but on increasing ones productivity which will translate to higher pay.

With e-business making its presence felt, a whole new range of exciting career opportunities have come up, tailor-made for the brash new breed of youngsters itching to take on the world. Take heart, young people, you do not have to work in a regular 9 to 5 job where you yawn half the time. You will be part of a team that will take the world into a new age with ideas, creativity and pure character. We are not just talking about IT. Every sector in the economy has come up with new ideas and exciting opportunities (like a perfusionist) or an existing profession now seen from a different perspective (a Web editor)

Information Technology
Sector View

It is happening in India! A hot favourite and the in-thing in the market place, the IT sector has put India on the world map. With the government planning to put India at the forefront of Information Technology and the IT companies promising to turn their employees into young millionaires, the IT sector is the place to be in.

In an era of information explosion, if you are not net savvy you are likely to be left behind in the race. Bringing about these changes in our lives are the professionals in IT companies and the ever-sprouting dotcom companies. If you want to be a part of this fast paced industry, ready to work with or develop cutting edge technologies, you could consider becoming an IT professional. Areas within the IT sector that you could look at are wide and variedIT enabled services, Internet technologies are the next growth sectors within the IT enabled services, Internet technologies are the next growth sectors within the IT industry. If you are also looking for a trip to the US, the IT sector is the place to be in.

Enabled Services
Medical Transcription

Trainee, Transcriptionist, Co-ordinators

In a short span of three to four years the medical transcription industry has grown to a Rs.150-crore industry. Increasing need of doctors and medical firms in the US to outsource transcription services has allowed the industry to grow at a whopping rate of 25 per cent each year. A medical transcriptionist's job would involve transcribing doctors digitised audio reports, and sending back the text to the medical fraternity in the US or Europe via satillite after quality checks. Says Rajdeep Puri (Director, Strategic Development), Health Scribe India, Bangalore: The medical transcription service has the potential to employ over 2.5 lakh persons. Reputed medical transcription companies thus provide the opportunity for a meaningful career.

How do you become one? Knowledge of English and a set of deft fingers on the keyboard are the prerequisites for this career option. Several institutes that offer 4-12 months diploma/certificate training specifically for medical transcription have come up all over the country. These institutes provide training on computer usage, listening to dictation and transcribing and familiarising candidates with medical terms.

A few institutes that offer training in medical transcription are Indian Institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi; National Institute for Excellence in Teleworking (NEXT) and Aksons, Bangalore. Manipal Academy has tied up with Healthscribe to offer a Masters degree in Medical Transcription and Data management. Generally, a four-month course is around Rs.10,000 and a one-year course around Rs.30,000. Companies into medical transcription also provide on the job training to their employees.

Where do you get in? There are more than 30 transcription firms all over India. These are primarily located in software technology parks in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Healthscribe India in Bangalore, Selectronics in Delhi, Care in Hyderabad and Nittany Decision Services in Chennai are some of them.

Salaries: Entry-level salaries are in the range of Rs.4000-6000 per month and can go up to more than Rs.12000 per month in years time. Compensation packages include incentives and other productivity based components.

Sources: Meenakshi, Indian Institute of Medical Transcription, Delhi, Jayanti Ghosh, Career counsellor, Mumbai.



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