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With our toll free number details...

  • Call the toll-free number and use the demo ID given below. Simply follow the simple instructions given to you by the system during the call. Dictate your file by following the subsequent commands.

  • Call +1 (866) 578-4357

  • Please note that there is no ‘ring’ when you call in.

  • Wait for the voice to ask for your ID.

  • Then enter the supplied demo ID number, 6623 followed by the # symbol. (6623#)

  • You will be asked for your password. Enter this as 6623,followed by the # symbol. (again 6623#)

  • Enter the number 2 (press2) to start dictating.

  • Dictate a real transcription. Do not give patient name. (You will add this laterin the file).

  • After you have finished dictating, press 9 or just hang up.

  • Send us an email with your name, address, and phone number, or tell your name and dictate your email ID.

  • If you have pressed 9, write down the confirmation number given to you at the end of dictation and email it to us in the same email or a new email.

  • Hang up at the end.

With your digital recorder

Dictate your trial transcription and send it to the following email address:

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