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Getting Started

Be ready to go in 10 minutes.

Register now

Call or email us to get your access information and password.

Request access to the service. Nowow, email your name, address, phone number and email address to or call +1 (702) 508 4265

With your digital recorder

If you have a digital recorder, you can dictate and send us the files by uploading them on our secured server.

By phone (toll free)

If you don't have a digital recorder or prefer to use the phone to dictate, use Azimuth automated digital dictation systemfrom anywhere in the world.

Call our toll-free number, enter your ID and password, then start dictating. In 24 hours, the files will be available for you on the secured serverspace that has been created.


With your ID, you can send your digital file or dictate. With that, you are done!

Receive your files

Bythe next business day, your transcribed reportswill be back on your computer.

Discover the convenience of having your own web-based medical transcription service--Fast, accurate, secure and instantly accessible.

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