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How it works?
  • The doctor dictates a medical note i.e. audio file on

  • Azimuth toll-free dictation system, (1 800 number)
  • digital recorder, or
  • in-house dictation system
  • The doctor logs in to Azimuth web based system and uploads the audio file along with the template.

  • Azimuth System then assigns the files to the MTs according to their specialty and availability status.

  • Azimuth System gives email notification to the MTs regarding the assignment of files.

  • MTs log in the Azimuth System and access the audio files from their PC.

  • MT transcribes the file using audio player, foot-pedal and word processors and then uploads it to the system.

  • The workflow manages the routing of the files for editing and quality control.

  • The file is finally delivered to the Doctor.

  • The transcribed reports are back the next business day on your desktop. The Doctor can view the reports on the Azimuth secure website.

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